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  • Krakatoa volcanic activity at night in real-time

    Video Info:

    Anak Krakatau volcanic activity at night, 24.-26.Oct.2018. Eruptions filmed in real time, no timelapse ! Note abundant volcanic lightning in many of these eruptions. Also lavabombs hitting into the sea and causing fires inside the forest to the right side!

  • My girlfriend’s sister sat behind a good boy on the plane today.

  • Typical rhino meeting warthog moment

    Video Info:

    This is what happens when a Warthog doesn't kneel to the king Rhino... ========================================================== Don't forget to fav/like this video, and also subscribe for more epic footage ! ========================================================== THANKS FO...

  • This engraved penny is amazing

  • Do you?

  • Photo of the day.....

  • Data driven dissent

  • T-thanks?

  • Subtitles are Necessary

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