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  • My buddy is going to have to have his other hip replaced. He sent me his x-ray.

  • Perfectly legitimate operation

  • That's one hell of a personal trainer.

  • Applying for a death certificate online

  • Pleaaaaase staaaaaaaaap

  • What Japanese Breakfast is Like

    Video Info:

    This is some stuff that is sometimes eaten for breakfast in Japan, like miso soup, rice and umeboshi, natto!, tako-san wieners (octopus weiner), and tamagoyaki (grilled egg). *SUBTITLES* If you'd like to contribute that'd be great! Plea...

  • My grandfather planted the tree in the background the week before he left for WW2. He returned in 2000 to see how it ended up. He died one year later.

  • Deer in the mist.

  • Nothing incredible, but I grew these!

  • Stargate SG-1 P90 demonstration

    Video Info:

    Carter and O'Neill compare a staff weapon with the P90. Stargate SG-1: S05E18. The Warrior.

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