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  • I’m Batman

  • This is what happens when a seal runs into glass...

  • Smiguel

  • Guy learns how to do a backflip in one month, without breaking his neck.

    Video Info:

    Can I learn to backflip in 1 month? After practice with gym & trampoline experts see how I go! Subscribe to see future challenges! ► Facebook: Instagram: Subscribe to see futu...

  • Frost on my window looks like a Dr. Seuss drawing

  • The Sermilik Fjord

  • I Still...Function!! (Teaching myself with Prismacolor Pens on paper)

  • Steve Buscemi turns 60 today, here's a picture of him with Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser on the set of Airheads

  • Congratulations to Doug Jones from Cyanide and Happiness

  • PSA: look up from your phone every once in a while

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