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  • Long exposure escalator photo

  • Learn a trick!

  • My wife took our daughter out on her BDay to take photos of the murals around town. One of my favorites. (r/RVA)

  • Nathan For You - Claw of Shame

    Video Info:

    In just 90 seconds, Nathan must undo his handcuffs or risk becoming a registered sex offender. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available now.

  • Bumped into this fella at Lowe's

  • Arguably The Greatest Golf Shot Ever

    Video Info:

    16th hole, Augusta National. 2005 Masters Championship I do not own the rights to this. All credit belongs to CBS Sports and The Augusta National Golf Club.

  • My 1st Place Run from a Downhill Mountain Bike Race on Sunday

    Video Info:

    Race time was 4:44 Race #3 of Snow Summits Downhill Series and took place on Sunday, July 23 2017 Im racing in category 1 men's 19-29 This was my first race in a long time (10 years). I had my rear shock blow the day before because of some Party Wave Train Shenanigans... I migh...

  • Giant octopus wooden sculpture

  • Awesome looking moth on a vending machine in Japan

  • When the acid kicks in...

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