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  • Waiters who are Nauseated by Food. Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell on the Dana Carvey show. It is magical.

    Video Info:

    A skit from the Dana Carvey Show featuring Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell. Copyright ABC.

  • Man hugs a white supremacist at the Richard Spencer rally

  • Don't Overfill Your Gas Tank - Scotty Kilmer

    Video Info:

    Auto mechanic for the last 50 years, Scotty Kilmer, shows you why overfilling your car's gas tank at the pump is bad. Topping up at the gas station can ruin the EVAP system on your vehicle. Watch this video to learn how. Quick fix, episode 7, fall 2017. If you liked this video, ...

  • my graphics teacher draws a picture every single day leading up to Halloween in October, here is today's picture.

  • Waves

  • Ad on the back of an old comic. This would no go over well in 2017...

  • Photo of Madagascar by Marsel van Oosten

  • Daniel Craig with long hair just looks like someone photoshopped long hair onto Daniel Craig

  • Icelandic horse

  • The Happiest Batman I ever seen

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