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  • This amazing cover by a street performer of One Republic’s song Secrets.

    Video Info:

    This guy always draws a crowd and it's really amazing to see him create a big sound. The song is Secrets by One Republic. You can buy his music on this site. Check it out!

  • A female cop and a protester dressed in Marianne stare at each other, today in Paris.


  • My dad found this while cutting firewood. This oak tree grew around a living cedar tree

  • Finally hung my Pikachu canvas

  • Where it all started

  • Fixed it

  • Japanese Net Gun

    Video Info:

    Apparently attackers in Japan are extremely slow and uncoordinated. It also appears that the company that makes this device spared every expense in making this commercial, using their engineering staff as actors and hiring some girls they found in a local bar who are more than fa...

  • So the kids got spy pens you can only see the ink using a blacklight. My brother happened to have a reaction to the ink.

  • A shot I took on my last mission. Thought it turned out pretty good.

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