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Ungrateful Owner Not Happy with $150k Hotel Makeover | Hotel Hell

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Chef Ramsay gives the hotel an incredible makeover, but the owner wants her plastic grapes back. Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: h...


Rings made from state quarters

My sister traveled to up-state NY this morning. This is my nephew immediately upon arrival.

"No Exit" sign perfectly translated in Russia.

Love the reaction

A Nuclear Waste Dump You Can Walk On: Weldon Spring, Missouri - Tom Scott

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In Weldon Spring, Missouri, there is a strange, grey, windblasted seven-storey pile of rocks. It's the Weldon Spring Site: a nuclear and toxic waste dump on the site of an old uranium processing factory. And you can walk on it: it's technically a tourist attraction. That was goin...

Log in a block of epoxy resin

TIL German-language country music is a thing (Artist: Truck Stop, Title: Men Are Like That)

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Hier bestellen: Special Edition: Standartversion: ____________________________________________________________________ Seit der Gründung im August 2012 steht der Name TELAMO für lei...

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