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Viral Today

Pile up on I-70 during the snow today. (2/15/19)

When your Uber driver has had enough

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This is what happens when you push your Uber driver over the edge. See us live in Melbourne! - Music by Lime Cordiale.

I want to shake your hand!

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Guy On Air plane wants to Shake guys hand.

The Danny Devito scene from Super Troopers 2. Will Sasso's French Canadian accent is hilarious.

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The Canadian mounties from Super Troopers 2 argue about Danny Devito

Terminal cancer patient who has an amazing personality. She's not doing so well, let's get her some support !

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This video is about Lymphedema. What it is, and my experience with it. Mine started a few days after I had my port placement surgery, and my sentinel node biopsy, that turned out to be a full axillary lymph node dissection, in May 2010. This raised the chances of me getting l...

ROOM 140

I'm going to win you a million teddy bears

Don't know this man . But i love this hat

Antivaxxers galore

A Vietnamese salon offers a free haircut for people wanting Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump's hairstyle

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