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  • While I was out of town, my sister sent me an update on our dog

  • Baby Burping Robot

  • This video got me cracking up

  • Ever Upward

  • the kids now will not know who this dog is.

  • The Blue City, truly amazing.

  • Look at this beautiful Florida swamp cat and her adorable kittens

  • Tried my luck at photographing the moon. At least it didn’t become a white blob

  • Travis Scott Shares 'Crazy' Details About Kylie's Delivery

    Video Info:

    Rap superstar and new dad Travis Scott sat down with Ellen to talk about his hit record, "Astroworld," aspirations to return to his musical roots, writing a Broadway-inspired album, and how he learned what a placenta is while in the delivery room with girlfriend Kylie Jenner and ...

  • Staying At The Worst Reviewed Motel In My City

    Video Info:

    You're all beautiful

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