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  • Awesome looking moth on a vending machine in Japan

  • World Record Progression: The Legend Of Zelda (NES)

    Video Info: Guy who made most of the music- Thanks to DarkwingDuckSDA, LackAttack24, and PresJPolk for resea...

  • Little girl

  • Texas Cop Tries To Arrest Teen Because He Asked For Identification

    Video Info:

    A Texas cop asks a teen (who is working for a lawn mowing company) for his ID and some info. When all he was doing was cutting grass. Via @Elguxop_Marly. Join BitConnect: Follow The Eliot On Steemit: Mak...

  • I ain't forget bout you

    Video Info:

    This kid thought his dad forgot his birthday... He was wrong I just cry watching this ...too sweet when the kid starts crying cause you know his day was just made..then twords end the dad starts to tear up some too...just down right too sweet!

  • Advertising done right

  • Usher Carpool Karaoke

    Video Info:

    James and Usher hit the road to work, singing Usher's classics like "OMG" and "Caught Up" before the two work on James's club entrance and help a group of guys with some car trouble. More Late Late Show: Subscribe: Watch Full Episodes:

  • IT help desk "punisher"

  • Dove Cameron Plays RAW's Whisper Challenge

    Video Info:

    Dove Cameron, who plays Mal in Descendants 2, plays a fun game of RAW's Whisper Challenge alongside host Frankie Rossi. Subscribe to RAW: Visit RAW: Tweet RAW: Follow RAW: ...

  • Floral arrangement in a mall in Medellin, Colombia

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