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  • got em! (sound)

  • Disturbingly real graffiti

  • This is why you need to watch TV with subtitles on

  • Best one today

  • Lost in the water lilies, Japan.

  • The guy who created the fake restaurant "the shed" that went to number 1 on trip advisor sent fake versions of himself to interviews

    Video Info:

    We live in an era where people tailor themselves online, putting out an idealised version of themselves to the world. So why can't we do it in real life? In the wake of turning his shed into London's number one restaurant and getting a knock-off clothing brand into Paris Fashion...

  • Well, that’s how it is

  • Awesome cabin on a hill in Iceland

  • I photoshopped what 2018's Celebrities might have looked like if they were big in the early 1990's

  • Best of luck reaching 30, John!

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