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  • When reddit's down

    Video Info:

    Crazy guy yells outside Toronto mall, "Why are you closed?!".

  • Always train the new guy

  • What a Deal!

  • A professional guitarist's fingers at the end of a tour

  • Possibly world’s first customer service complaint, at nearly 4,000 years old

  • Jackie Chan learning Shaolin techniques from a Kid

    Video Info:

    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 1.5 MILLIONS VIEWS! The boy monk teaches Jackie Chan Shaolin techniques on the set of the film "Shaolin".

  • Taran Killam in the SNL writers' room side-by-side with Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend"

  • This guy is going places

  • Lana Kane from Archer cosplay

  • Why not Zoidberg?

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