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  • Damint D:

  • Damint D:

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  • Girls Gone Geek Time Travel 12 years into the future

    Video Info:

    Please travel to the future with the ladies of Girls Gone Geek as they have fun with this skit to show the power of CGI, make-up, and special effects.

  • Bruce Lee would have been an awesome Jedi!

    Video Info:

    Full credit to the creator of this video Patrick Nan! All I did was expertly add the Duel of Fates song at the right time as the background music. Well done Patrick! Original video here:

  • Photo sequence of one time my husky had the zoomies

  • Dog takes exception to having his chest slapped. (Warning Loud)

    Video Info:

    Dog is very unimpressed when his Master passes him a brotherly chest slap while out driving for coyotes. ‘Don’t you ever touch me again, human!’

  • Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Dives

    Video Info:

    Here's more World Cup hype content for ya. Follow me 2ND channel ya legends: And Twitch: Shirts Available HERE: Book me:

  • Perks of having a glass dinner table

  • Just two wet puss... cats

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