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So this is what being a janitor at Universal Studios is like...

If you've ever wondered just how big a kodiak bear is...

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SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: MANY parents struggle to maintain discipline in their home. But spare a thought for Jim and Susan Kowalczik whose main charge is a huge 1400lb Kodiak brown bear. The couple look after the 9ft giant at their orphanage where the...

“All Star” By Smash Mouth But All Instruments Are Bill O’Reilly Saying His Name


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Hey Larlees, todays video is on me testing out eyeshadow jelly. This is the weird eyeshadow I think i've ever played with. it is called the BUTTER LONDON Glazen Eye Gloss it feels kinda like a cream eyeshadow, but moves like jelly, and is supposed to give you the WET eye affect ...

Ever wonder what English sounds like to non-English speakers? The song Prisencolinensinainciusol by Adriano Celentano mimics the way he thought American English sounded

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Rare, Complete!

DIY UNICORN Frappuccino

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Sold out? No, worries. Here's how to bring the unicorns home. It's a homemade unicorn frappuccino that tastes just like the real thing; You Made What?! Unicorn Frappuccino. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday! Join the Emmy League of Adventuresome Eaters & find m...

Hilarious dog throws tantrum at beach

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Ninja loves the beach a LOT. We had already been playing fetch with him there for over 40 minutes. Normally when we tell him it is time to go, he immediately stands by us and lets us put his harness on, but not this time! Epic tantrum ensued...

Mexican Paratrooper has a bad day

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Mexican Paratrooper Gets Hung Up and Towed Behind Plane  Footage has emerged from the Mexican Defense Force allegedly showing a Mexican armed forces training exercise gone wrong, with a paratrooper caught on cables while jumping from the plan and getting dragged along mid-air. ...

Halsey | Now or Never

Charlie Murphy describing why he couldn't do his brother's security anymore.

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what being a brother means.

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