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  • Picture day!

  • A customer submitted a ticket requesting "Duel Monitors" today, I responded to the ticket with this image

  • The Pornhub Awards could not be more disastrous. NSFW obviously

    Video Info:

    Directed by Kayne West. Uncensored version available on Pornhub somewhere. Timestamps: 0:00 - Welcome to the Pornhub awards! 0:57 - I am not Mark Rockwell 2:13 - I totally feel you 3:20 - Prettykittymaire 4:22 - Young M.A fails to show 5:58 - And the nominees are... 7:00 - This...

  • Tommy Wiseau just uploaded The Room (in full) to his YouTube channel

    Video Info:

    The Room Press Screener

  • The most embarrassingly 80s commercial ever - "The Jordache Look"

    Video Info:

    Quite possibly the most 80s commercial ever created. Denim-clad guys and girls snap their fingers and gesture for the camera while at the beach. This proves to be the most impressive display of coolness in the history of film. Subscribe for daily commercial uploads Make sure to...

  • Brothers, we have found it

  • Patience is a virtue

  • Neill Blomkamp/Oats Studios - God: City

    Video Info:

    GOD is the story of our creator. Steam Page: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

  • 10$ he gets out

  • Arizona Ice-T

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