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  • Kid plays his own incredible arrangement of Adele's Rolling In The Deep on ukelele

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  • I aim to reach perfect eyes drawing level.

  • One of the best pictures I've ever taken. Part of a mated pair that have a nest on the property where I live.

  • Amy Adams and Gal Gadot look like they're expecting

  • A drawing of my dog that a fellow Redditor was kind enough to mail me

  • Might be the evilest carpet I've seen

  • Someone put all 43 civ's on Civ 5 onto a small map. I got an odd amount of enjoyment from watching this.

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    Experimental ai only battle with 43 civilizations from original Civ 5 + all dlc and expansion packs, in very close and balanced conditions. Domination victory only and much mods that upgrading ai. Map download:

  • Worst fire department in the United States?

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    I now have a second video of this crew. Please search "A broken down fire truck is no good at a fire. Grants Pass Rural Fire Josephine County Oregon" Grants Pass Rural Fire Department has a problem with me posting this video because it makes them look bad. They have called the ...

  • My brother just got engaged to the nicest girl

  • Clubbing in the Wild - VLDL (nature documentary parody)

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    A first ever look at humans in their natural habitat... the club! ------------------------------------- HUGE THANKS ----------------------------------------- Huge thanks to attenbro420 for doing the V/O on this one!! Check out more of his stuff here -

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