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  • Michael Jackson has been reincarnated

    Video Info:

    His name is @king51015

  • This isn't a river - this is Interstate 40 in North Carolina

  • The Fuckoffotopus

  • Everyone showing off their Etch A Sketch skills lately. I decided to showcase what I can do,

  • i have been so embarrassed to show my art but now that i’ve seen others, i thought i’d share one of my favorites with you guys too!!

  • The Girl and the Crocodile - Haunted Manson stretched painting!

  • Nintendo with arguably the worst commercial for a video game I've ever seen

    Video Info:

    Reigns: Kings & Queens includes both Reigns and Reign: Her Majesty and is available now on Nintendo Switch. Watch more trailers here! ------------------------------­---- Follow GameTrai...

  • Titanium and Meteorite Blue Glow Ring, by day and by night

  • Fuck Y’all

  • Squeezing the last out of summer in Edmonton

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