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  • If Scooby Doo was real

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    A mystery van shows up with a bunch of strange people in it SUBSCRIBE: About The Venture Bros.: The Venture Bros. is Adult Swim's fan-favorite parody of the great action/adventure cartoons of yesteryear. Tune in to watch Dr. "Rusty" Venture and ...

  • Rent in California be like

  • The hat that really turns heads

  • "We Are Number One" but live, recorded 2 years ago. Stephan Karl Stefánsson continued to be an awesome guy with a positive attitude, despite all he was going through.

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    Enjoy ;) Help Stefan in his battle against cancer

  • DIY

  • Building came down in my town, a number for a cake shop was so old it was only 3 numbers.

  • Party Pooper

  • What did i just see?

  • Sakura trees

  • This cross stitch artwork took her 4 years

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