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  • Hells Kitchen - Raj - The Worst Chef In Hell's Kitchen History?

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    All footage is from Hell's Kitchen and credit to fox. I put this together as this guy had 3 services to show his talent, surely he should have played it better than he did.

  • I flew a drone through a drain pipe at 50mph!!!!

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    Hey, Guys Thanks For Watching!!! Song: Petit Biscuit - Sunset Lover Gear:

  • Farmer describes terrifying ordeal where his hand managed to get stuck in a corn-picker.

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    SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: More about this programme: When faced with the option to cut off his own arm or face certain death, Sampson Parker chose to live. Here he tells his incredible story, and reveals ...

  • VR Animation | Alex's Sci-Fi World

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    Phase 2 update to the "Alex's Sci-Fi World" #VRanimation. Added a bunch of animations using #Quill s new keyframe animation features. Now I can say this scene has reached its true form! I’m going to continue to explore the concept of micro-stories in other #VRpainting s. I’m ...

  • A group of high school seniors decorate their American history teacher's classroom with communist items and memes as part of their senior prank.

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    Communizing an American History teacher's room? What could be better?

  • An genuine heart-felt message to all aspiring artists from Tenacious D.

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    From the Complete Masterworks DVD

  • Bin Chickens set to rule after human extinction.

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    Direction and Production : Matt Eastwood & David Johns Voiceover Talent : Rupert Degas The notorious Bin Chicken gets the Planet Earth treatment. Learn more about this distinguished, yet disgusting bird.

  • Sometimes you just need two men.

  • I feel like they need to keep updating their signs.

  • Ever seen a soul break apart?

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