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The guy who flooded an IRS phone scamming company is back with revenge on a tech support scam

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Under the advisement of so many here, I created a Patreon. If you would like to help me and my development, and costs please check it out! ============================================ Ever find yourself browsing the internet and come acro...

Travelling Japan with only an Instant Translator Device

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Explored Asakusa in Tokyo with ili, an instant translator and had so much fun testing it out in real life travel situations! The one I used here was English to Japanese, however there are many other languages so check out their website for more information! ...

Coolest kid I've ever seen !!

Manitowoc Minute

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On this week's Manitowoc Minute, I talk punching Bill Cosby in the pudding pop, spending $13.7 billion on something with a hole and an antique grinder from Plover, Wisconsin.

Man tries to eat Surstromming, a vile Norwegian fish the Vikings used to eat.

Video Info: | Watch with the sound on! Surstromming is Stinkiest food on the planet. Watch Joe McCloskey Jr do the Stinkyfish Challenge!!! Joe makes a bet with his family to do the Stinky Fish Challenge and if they WIN! There are fabulous prizes! A bike, a fli...

Trolling level: Master

When the acid kicks in...

"I miss my mom"

The Bachelorette series summed up in one graphic [oc]

World of Dance 2017 - Les Twins: The Duels (Full Performance)

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The Upper Division's Les Twins performs to Monique Bingham's "Deep in the Bottom (of Africa)" in their Duel with Kyle Van Newkirk. » Subscribe for More: » Watch World of Dance Tuesdays 10/9c on NBC! » Watch Full Episodes Free:

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